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In order to maximize the math achievements of our children in their schools, we make one-to-one determinations and develop projects.

Generations of self-expressing, questioning, and solution-oriented generations can only be achieved through qualified education from kindergarten. The mathematics education system applied in the LMS has been analyzed for many years by looking from the eyes of the students and its foundations have been laid with the results. It can be possible with our students to support their academic, social, personality and psychological development in order to do their work. In our institution where the students between the ages of 5 and 18 are accepted, the subjects which are suitable for the curriculum in schools are covered. As it is known, the subjects are shown in the primary, secondary and high school periods vary according to the level of the students. For example, every 7 th grade student does not handle the same subjects. The main reason for this is that students of the same age group are classified according to their level. As a result of this situation, students are subject to mathematics examination in two different groups when they come to the 11th grade. If the student is at a low level, the Foundation,  the higher level is Higher. For this reason, we provide one-on-one interviews with our students and parents who apply to our institution and make their records in general information about their level and basic education system.




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