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Things to consider when determining our goals

If you don't have a goal for life, but you serve others' goals.
If you do not have a goal for life, but serve the goals of others, making your own life embraced gives you life and whatever happens, this journey becomes enjoyable. One of the basic conditions of reaching your goal is to work, to imagine and to make possible. Research shows that children who have grown up with a sense of love and trust are more successful and effective in targeting and dreaming. The individual has to discover the power of his own choices and take responsibility for him. We are making a target by considering the conditions and competencies of today's situation. One of the biggest mistakes made by an individual who is focused on his target is to miss the opportunities of life and stay away from the joys of life. they are aware of the existence of these two concepts, and accordingly, they take the course. In order to determine the focus of our child correctly and to focus on the potential of the child, The boundaries we place are important. The limits that we put in our lives lead us to make plans in the general sense and provide a framework. Whatever it is within this frame, it makes sense. By preventing our children from coming into contact with their own essence and offering them life without reflecting the truth, we can create problems that are not likely to be treated in their future lives. If families do not understand the importance of this issue, our children will have found their lives in a virtual life that does not bother them as friendly friendships.

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